My 60th birthday is coming up next September. It’s time to set a goal for that big day. Damn. I can’t believe I will be sixty years old. I’m having a hard time with that concept.

So…I feel compelled to set a personal goal to celebrate my 60th year on this planet by cycling 600 miles from San Francisco to Yachats, Oregon over six days.

I hope to be joined by friends and family along the way. We will have a total of 8-10 riders and a big party in Yachats the day after we arrive.

The ride will take place Sept. 16th – 21st


We will end at the Adobe Hotel in Yachats and have a party at the Adobe on the 22nd.

More details to follow.

Now I have said it…wrote it down, talked about it, made a video for it so damn it….guess I have to do it!

I’m excited!

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