I started this blog in 2008 to help myself reach a personal goal. I was about to turn 50 years old and set the goal to run 50 miles on my 50th birthday; to run an UltraMarathon, thus started MyUltraLife. I reached that goal with the help of many friends and family. We had a huge celebration the next day!

While I don’t always live up to my goal of leading an UltraLife….I try. I have found if I set goals for myself and I share those goals with my friends and family, I can achieve much more than just hoping and wishing for a more active life.

MyUltraLife is my expression for working to attain the goal of physical fitness, healthy living and a peaceful life. MyUltralife promotes long distance, athletic endurance activity. Leading an UltraLife is about being physically active but also about LIVING and DOING Life.

Life is about doing things. You and I have the unique ability to adapt, change, plan, create and develop our lives into exactly what we want. If we don’t WANT anything and we won’t DO anything, our lives will mirror that inactivity. If we desire, act, work, strive and create then we can reach our desired goals and personal achievements.

We can all live…an UltraLife.

An UltraLife is living life to its fullest. This doesn’t mean a person living an UltraLife is perfect. Not hardly, but an UltraLifer is a person who has decided to make a dedicated effort to do the best, be the best, work the hardest and go the farthest to live a good, active and successful long life.

I’m far from perfect. I tend to be either going full blast getting fit or sitting on the couch getting fat…so I definitely have my ups and downs. Hey, I need help too!

I hope by setting goals, writing blogs and uploading videos I can be an example to others. Doing that motivates me to get off the couch to go for a run, a swim or a bike ride and helps me fulfill the ideal of leading an UltraLife.