The Sixty – 600 Challenge

My 60th birthday is coming up next September. It’s time to set a goal for that big day. Damn. I can’t believe I will be sixty years old. I’m having a hard time with that concept.

So…I feel compelled to set a personal goal to celebrate my 60th year on this planet by cycling 600 miles from San Francisco to Yachats, Oregon over six days.

I hope to be joined by friends and family along the way. We will have a total of 8-10 riders and a big party in Yachats the day after we arrive.

The ride will take place Sept. 16th – 21st


We will end at the Adobe Hotel in Yachats and have a party at the Adobe on the 22nd.

More details to follow.

Now I have said it…wrote it down, talked about it, made a video for it so damn it….guess I have to do it!

I’m excited!


Newcrest Orange Challenge

It’s Official…….I’m riding in the Newcrest Orange Challenge March 4th, 2018.

The village of Orange is located about 160 miles west of Sydney.

In the style of a European one-day classic, the Newcrest Orange Challenge is no easy cycle. There are no shortcuts.

The quiet and car-free country roads are punctuated with sharp, tough climbs, never ending hills and challenging road surfaces that will put all your training to the test.

I’m excited to do a Century ride (170 Km) to my trip to Australia. It should be a fun adventure.


Thanksgiving Week riding

Trying to get as much riding in as I can.

Thanksgiving week is a great opportunity.

I’ve logged 60 miles by Wednesday and a Thanksgiving Day ride planned.

I need to get a formal workout plan sorted.

I know if I have a written plan, I’m more likely to stick to it and log my actual workouts.

I’ve found you always think you did more than you have really done…so tracking on paper is the best way to keep it real.

The written plan will not just be miles and miles of riding, but will include cross training.

Here we go!


Tour of Palm Springs Century Ride

 Tour of Palm Springs

Century Ride – Feb. 10, 2016



I have done this 100-mile ride at least twice in the past.   It’s a fun ride and the weather in Palm Springs in   February is perfect.

This will be my first Century of 2018 and will be a great event to build up my strength and endurance for the Sixty-600 Challenge.

The photo below is during the first few miles as we ride out into the desert. Most of the ride isn’t quite as desolate as this image implies.

If anybody wants to join me on this ride….let me know!  Registration is $85.


Running Through Portland, Oregon

Running along the Willamette River


I was visiting Oregon for my niece’s wedding and I had the great opportunity to join my buddy Jim Criswell for a run along the river in downtown Portland.

It was a short run, but the first one I have done since injuring my knee.  The good news is my leg pain did not return, so hopefully I will start to log more running miles.

Jim has completed the Portland Marathon and participated in the Hood to Coast run several times so it was great to get out to run with him and motivate each other to do more.