Running Through Miami Beach

Enjoy the Art Deco buildings on Ocean Drive


I had a business meeting in Miami last week so I got up early for a quick run around South Beach.

There were lots of joggers out enjoying the early sun.  South Beach features Ocean Drive with it’s Art Deco hotels, umbrella covered sidewalks, restaurants and plenty of places to find a drink.

I had a nice run and enjoyed the sites before getting ready for business.


Skiing at Big Bear Mountain


Stay fit so you can continue to Stay Strong, Live Long and enjoy your favorite activities.


Leading an UltraLife is all about being active and fit.  It doesn’t always mean going out for a run.  There are lots of other ways to be active, like Skiing!  If you want to be able to ski down the slopes when your 60 or 70 or even into your 90’s (I hope), you’ll need to live an active life that keeps you strong, fit and flexible enough to allow you to get out and hit the slopes.

I took my Nephew Josh and his friends on a weekend ski trip to Big Bear ski resort.  We all had an UltraLife time!


P.S.: If you want to take a look at the entire Seal Beach 20 mile run from 2007 and more of the 11 year old Josh…here’s the link.


Running Through Las Vegas

Run Run along the Las Vegas Strip with my Niece and her Husband


During my visit to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas I had the opportunity to take a run along the Las Vegas Strip.  I was joined by my niece and her husband for a fun morning run.

I find that when I am traveling it can be hard to be active.  A convention in Las Vegas is not very conducive to being healthy and staying fit so it takes some discipline to stay the course.

Join Breiana, Josh and I on your run along the Vegas Strip….we run into a few strange characters along the way which makes the run a lot of fun.


Will Power

will power

What does Will Power mean? It simply means we have the power to make decisions.

Sometimes we make decisions to pursue a goal or dream that require an investment of a great amount of time and energy to complete a project or goal, like starting a business, weight loss or an athletic achievement like running a Marathon.


Will is also the simplest of things. Our emotions and cravings can easily manipulate our will. We don’t always use our will in a positive way.

We use our will to reach out and pick the Giant Slurpee cup and fill it with Lime Green slush instead of reaching for the bottled water. We pick the cupcake instead of the apple. We pick the couch over the running shoes.

Will and Discipline go together. We often times have the will or at least the intention but we lack the discipline to empower our will.

We make decisions every minute of every day. It’s very easy to stay with the old habits. It takes both will and discipline to create change in our lives.

If you are not unhappy or are not unsatisfied or you lack the desire to improve or make a change, then you most likely won’t have the will let alone the discipline to change.

However if you don’t easily settle for what you have or what you are, you can be motivated to try something new. You have the will to change or improve. This could be the desire to get a better education, a better job, move to a better place, stop smoking, lose weight or anything you desire as change.

Once you have the will….then you need the discipline to implement the change you desire. Discipline requires reinforcement of positive will.


Webster’s Dictionary defines discipline as:

: control that is gained by requiring that rules or orders be obeyed and punishing bad behavior

: a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders

: behavior that is judged by how well it follows a set of rules or orders

Basically then, discipline is behavior or action that obeys the rules….well YOU set the rules with your will. You have the Will Power to set your rules for change or improving your life. Discipline is the act of following the rules you set for yourself on the road to change.

It’s not easy. Temptations are all around. When you are faced with the issue you wish to change or improve, you must recall your will to change and act according to that will. Discipline is the result. You will abstain or you will work harder or you will take the action needed depending upon your goal.

Will and discipline work in a repetitive cycle and over time the result will be that you have reached your goal.

It doesn’t mean you won’t have set backs or small failures along the way. You will, everyone does; there are no Supermen or Superwomen. But over time, if you have the will and discipline to enforce your will, then you can achieve your goals and desires.

“If it is to be, it’s up to me.” William Johnsen