How to treat and Recover from Runner’s knee

  I haven’t been running for the past few weeks because I’ve been having knee pain….it’s called “Runner’s Knee”. If you log lots of running miles you are very likely to have some aches and pains or an injury along the way. I know the tendency is to just keep going and run through the […]

20 mile bike ride to Seal Beach and back

It’s been a while since I’ve been out on my bike. I’ve been riding the stationary bike at home and the Gym but it’s not the same as getting out and enjoying the outdoors. I would like to be logging 100 miles per week…I guess this 20 miler is a good start!

Why are You so Fat?

Why are you so fat? Most of us are overweight or just face it….we are FAT! I’m fat….your fat! Your sister is Fat….you Mom is Fat….my god, your Dog and Cat are fat! Why are we so Fat? It’s a half a Trillion Dollar Question! So let’s find out what I learned when I asked […]

Running Through Miami Beach

Enjoy the Art Deco buildings on Ocean Drive   I had a business meeting in Miami last week so I got up early for a quick run around South Beach. There were lots of joggers out enjoying the early sun.  South Beach features Ocean Drive with it’s Art Deco hotels, umbrella covered sidewalks, restaurants and […]

Skiing at Big Bear Mountain

  Stay fit so you can continue to Stay Strong, Live Long and enjoy your favorite activities.   Leading an UltraLife is all about being active and fit.  It doesn’t always mean going out for a run.  There are lots of other ways to be active, like Skiing!  If you want to be able to […]