UltraLife is my expression for working to attain the goal of physical fitness, healthy living and a peaceful, content life.  Ultralife promotes long distance, endurance athletic activity.  Leading an UltraLife is about being physically active but also about LIVING and DOING Life.

Life is about doing things.  You and I have the unique ability to adapt, change, plan, create and develop our lives into exactly what we want.  If we don’t WANT anything and we don’t DO anything, then our lives will mirror that inactivity.   If we desire, act, work, strive and create then we can develop for ourselves, our loved ones and those around us…..an UltraLife.

An UltraLife is living life to it’s fullest. This doesn’t mean a person living the UltraLife is perfect. Not hardly, but an UltraLifer is a person who has decided to make a dedicated effort to do the best, be the best, go the hardest and farthest to live a good, active, successful and long life.

Important areas of focus of an UltraLife are:
– Healthy Living
– Physical Fitness
– Family
– Spiritual Life
– Business

I started this Blog and website in 2008 to help myself and others. If I achieve my goals of writing blogs and creating audio and video podcasts‘, this means that I must be setting the example of healthy eating and getting into tip top physical shape. Hey, I need help too! If I meet my goals and can help others by setting a good example then I have fulfilled the purpose of an UltraLife.

Healthy Living:
We will learn and explore the aspects of a healthy diet. When possible we will bring in news items of the day, reference scientific articles and research, share recipes, learn from the experts and cook up some good eats.

Physical Fitness:
I am an advocate of long distance endurance sports. Humans are endurance creatures. Think about it, you can stand or walk all day on the job, you can go for hours and hours on end. Take it up a notch and it’s easy to see that humans can train their bodies for long distance bike rides, swims and running. I believe even with a healthy diet the human body was designed to be in motion.  We have our busy schedules yet we lead mostly physically inactive lives.  We need to cram a few hours of cardio exercise into our schedules.

For the beginner or the overweight among us (myself included) we may need to start out a bit slower with lighter exercise, but once we burn off the fat we can add distance and build up our endurance rather quickly. The workouts we will post will be designed so that anyone can participate and benefit.

We’ll have discussions about the care and feeding of a happy family. It can be stressful having a small tribe of people all under a single roof with differing goals and needs. Together we can make suggestions that will help everyone live a happier family life.

Spiritual Life:
We live in a wonderful world. It is hard to imagine that some higher power was not involved. I am not saying there is some old man in the clouds looking down watching who is good and who is bad, but we are all part of and of God.  If we live knowing that we can participate to make the world a better, more loving place maybe we can be sure that neither we or others live a hell on earth.

Business and work are important, we have to keep a roof over our heads and provide for our families after all. But we have to think about balancing work, healthy living, family and our physical fitness activities with our business and work schedules. Success in work and business mean making good life choices so that we can make the most money while balancing the other aspects of our life. Often times there are work andlifestyle decisions we make that can mean more money, fewer hours or a better career. We’ll discuss these choices, how to spot opportunities and how to ensure that we are not the cause of our own miseries.

So here is to living an UltraLife, I hope you join me for the journey.

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